Nazi Satanist Order of Nine Angles is infiltrating the State and Church in Montenegro

Who are Nikola Poleksić and Mirna Nikčević?

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29 min readJun 28, 2021
Order of Nine Angles members Mirna Nikčević and Nikola Poleksić in their insight roles as civil society activist and Orthodox deacon

We at The Empire Never Ended often cover the more nihilist and weird forms neo-Nazism and terrorism — products of advanced capitalist alienation and atomization. We also tend to point out the connections of such groups with the (deep)state in the aftermath of WW2, as well as today.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the first groups we took an interest in was the so-called ‘Order of Nine Angles’. The ONA is a self-described National-Socialist Satanist group, one that promotes the practice of human sacrifice (yes, the actual killing of people, a practice they call “culling”) founded by the supreme weirdo of British neo-Nazism, David Myatt. In fact, the very first episodes of our podcast are dedicated to describing the origins of David Myatt, his deep state and terrorist connections, as well as his specific style of Satanism and how he mixes it up with his politics. Later we covered the even more extreme chapter of the ONA (or as they like to call it a “nexion”) based in the US, called the Tempel ov Blood, as well as terrorist neo-Nazi groups connected to and infiltrated by the ONA, such as Atomwaffen Division, the Base and others.

In the course of gathering all of this information, we came across an interesting nexion of the ONA, called the Astral Bone Gnawers Lodge (ABG Lodge). We were surprised when we found out that the ABG Lodge was based in the Balkans, or to be more precise, in the tiny state of Montenegro. We were even more surprised when we found out that the leaders of the group Nikola Poleksić and Mirna Nikčević are influential people, who occupied or currently occupy positions in the state, church, and civil society.

We will cover all the relevant information we uncovered in this text.

The Order of Nine Angles and the Tempel ov Blood

The Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A) is a neo-Nazi ‘Satanist’ cult that celebrates murder, rape, pedophilia, and Aryan nationalism. While various individuals and collectives, called ‘nexions’, are more or less open about some or all of these predilections, they are all united by the writings of David Myatt, who is the primary author behind the nom de plume, Anton Long, founder of the ONA. The ONA is perhaps most well-known for its encouragement of ‘culling’, the sacrifice of people they see as undesirable (who are called ‘opfers’ by ONA), in order to advance through its system of guild-like stages of ascension beginning with “neophyte” and ending in “immortal”. While the majority of their presence remains online, infesting message boards and private chat groups, the ONA has integrated itself into terrorist neo-nazi groups such as Atomwaffen and the Base and inspired multiple murders and cases of sexual abuse, including of minors.

Despite the ludicrous claims of the ONA to be the keepers of a 6,000 year-old occult tradition, the order was probably established in the United Kingdom in, or sometime just before, the 1970s by Myatt as a pastiche assembly of symbols, mythologies, and practices of extant occult groups such as the Temple of Set and Wicca with a smattering of Lovecraft for good measure. Apart from their celebration of physical violence and pedophilia, what distinguishes the ONA from the organizations it parrots is their devotion to National Socialism and denial, or at least extreme skepticism, of the Holocaust. With a meta-historical view of civilization borrowed from Oswald Spengler, Myatt writing as Anton Long sees the ONA as part of the struggle against ‘Magian’ society, an anti-semitic interpretation of history wherein Jewish corruption alienates Aryan people from some imaginary “noble” native culture. Despite rejecting the messianic religions, the ONA nonetheless sees itself as ushering in their own messiah, named ‘Vindex’ after a minor historical Gallic general, whose ‘presencing’ will correspond with the expansion of a neo-Hitlerian National Socialism into the cosmos, inaugurating a ‘Galactic Imperium’. Indeed, Hitler himself occupies a Christ-like position in ONA hagiography and their internal calendar — the ‘yf’ system, or “Year of Fayen/Fuhrer/Fire” — is counted from his birthday.

Portrait of David Myatt by his old pal Richard Moult

Myatt’s own ideological heritage stems from Column 88, the neo-Nazi militant group that came to prominence in the UK in the 1970s and 80s. This gave way to the better-known Combat 18 (C18) in the 90s which worked security for neo-Nazi politician John Tyndall of the British National Party, before becoming an autonomous terror group. Myatt himself swore an “oath of loyalty” to the notorious C18 thug Charlie Sargent with whom he would form the National Socialist Movement (NSM) in 1997. However, Myatt’s real impact on British neo-Nazism was as a writer, having authored thousands of pages on Aryan Nationalism, National Socialism, terrorism, and holocaust denial over decades. His opus apparently includes the White Wolves Manifesto which inspired the London nail bombing campaign of NSM member David Copeland in 1999. Around this time, Myatt apparently joined Al Qaeda and wrote in support of suicide bombing. In more recent years, Myatt has publicly distanced himself from what he calls “extremism” and instead claims to be devoted to the so-called “The Numinous Way”. Despite taking that exact term from core ONA literature, Myatt has nonetheless never acknowledged his role in the Order of Nine Angles, much less renounced it, thus, his claims of ‘reform’ are laughable.

Apart from David Myatt, the family tree of the ONA branches in many directions, though we’ll only dwell on a couple of those more relevant to the ABG Lodge. The inexplicably more ‘socially acceptable’ face of the ONA is the insufferably wishy-washy ‘Reichsfolk’ of musician, Richard Moult, and blogger, Chloe Ortega. Under the cover of empty phrases like “kindred honor” and “ethical national socialism”, Reichsfolk is nonetheless connected at the hip to the “Dreccian Way” with its typical focus on human sacrifice and rape.

Far more openly violent is the US-based Tempel ov Blood (that’s actually how they spell it) co-founded by Jillian Hoy and Joshua Caleb Sutter, probably in the early 2000s, the latter an ex-preacher of the Christian Identity / Aryan Nations movement in South Carolina. The Tempel ov Blood (ToB) is best known in ONA circles for their authorship of Iron Gates, which by all appearances seems to be a dystopian sci-fi fan fic of the cult classic ‘Nazisploitation’ film Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS (1975), though without the irony and significantly more graphic depictions of infanticide. In this and their other writings, the ToB revels in depictions of torture, rape, mass murder, and powerful intelligence agencies.

This celebration of horrible violence is closely related to the ToB’s mission. While the ONA and its founder David Myatt preached that it was “necessary to create ruthless individuals which exist beyond ‘Magian’ concepts of good and evil” for the further evolution of humanity, ToB pushes that same logic even further. Tempel ov Blood wants to create completely inhuman individuals who would literally be predatory vampires seeking prey among the weak. With this aim in mind, ToB openly embraces sociopathic activities from pedophilia to celebrating serial killers and mass murderers as “nexions” which connect the so-called “causal” and “acausal” worlds. In their magazine False Prophet they publish some of the worst content created by the ONA. In that sense, the novel Iron Gates is part and parcel of their program, thus, it is not surprising that it was declared required reading for all members of the terror group Atomwaffen Division. Joshua Sutter, the leader of ToB was also one of the leaders of Atomwaffen.

Central to the Order of Nine Angles and the Tempel ov Blood in particular is the promotion of ‘insight roles’, or long-term infiltration of ‘mundane’ or ‘Magian’ organizations.

Insight Roles

The practice of assuming “Insight roles” is of central importance in the initiatory system of the ONA. This practice consists of ONA initiates working undercover in different groups, which are normally foreign to their own beliefs, for a period of not less than 6 months. This is seen as both a way to personally grow, and develop one’s manipulative skills, but also as a way to undermine the “Magian-Nazarene socio-political system of the West and thus help to bring about the instability from which a new order, the Imperium, can emerge.”

The ethics and beliefs of the infiltrated groups mustn’t be in tune with the one held by the ONA infiltrator, and as most of the members of ONA have roots in neo-Nazism, activities in such organizations are not considered valid insight roles by the ONA (as explained in one of the editions of Fenrir edited by ToB). However, “valid forms of insight roles” can be seen in examples of David Myatt claiming to have been both a Christian and a Buddhist monk at some point of his life… or him embracing Islamist ideology in the early 2000s. We can see another example with members of the Tempel ov Blood (whose founder Joshua Sutter has his roots in the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations group) founding a “leftist” organization called the Rural People’s Party and simultaneously active in the Krishna Consciousness movement, and even having their own offshoot of it called the New Bihar Mandir Temple. From these examples, we can see how a possible Insight Role for an ONA Satanist could be to become an Orthodox Christian priest, for example.

Inevitably, from the ONA’s Naos to the ToB’s Liber 333, the “insight role” looms large on their Left Hand Path; it’s a necessary part of the ascension rites of most, if not all, of the dubious denominations of the ONA. There is no shortage of targets for neophytes looking to promote themselves to adepts through infiltration, though the most commonly mentioned suggestions from ONA literature include the armed forces, police, churches/monasteries, and anti-fascist organizations. The Tempel ov Blood is especially interested in the armed forces and has apparently been successful in attracting service members into their order as well as using the military to train members of their order in the tactics of warfare. One issue of their periodical, False Prophet, features an author claiming to have completed their infantry training at Fort Benning. They write:

My decision to join the United States Military came from something I was seeing in the land…I recognized that the biggest hydra of them all was the “Great Satan,” itself. The federal government. Being a member of the government almost gives a person an unquestioned authority. You’ll be praised by millions of military veterans, thanked by scores of citizens for service to one’s country. What could possibly be a better vampyric experience?

an issue edited by Poleksić

A long-time staple of Order of Nine Angles was its official journal called Fenrir, and usually subtitled as “Journal of Satanism and the Sinister”. The first version of Fenrir was started by David Myatt, using his typewriter, in the ’80s, and later mainly edited by his close associate Richard Moult, in the 1990’s (under the pen name of ‘Christos Beest’). Between 2010 and 2014 a new version of Fenrir was edited by younger ONA nexions such as White Star Acception (WSA), Tempel of Blood, and ABG Lodge. ABG’s Nikola Poleksić used his pseudonym Waren S. Gnobe (“Bone Gnawers”… so clever…) when serving the function of a Fenrir editor. Currently, a new version of Fenrir is on its way, under the editorship of a French member of ONA “Albert Nythra” who is in close contact with both ToB and ABG, as well as with the notorious ONA member and child abuser Ryan Flemming.

If you want to learn more about the Order of Nine Angles, David Myatt, the Tempel ov Blood, Atomwaffen, the Base, and other offshoots of ONA and ‘Siege culture’, we strongly suggest checking out our first arc of episodes (1–19) where all of these topics are covered in depth.

ABG Lodge — Nexion of ONA

Who are Nikola Poleksić and Mirna Nikčević, the power couple of the O9A?

Mirna Nikčević is a disgraced former Montenegrin diplomat, tabloid celebrity, Montenegrin nationalist, and civil society director who also moonlights as a member and adherent of the infamous neo-Nazi Satanist organization the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

Mirna Nikčević’s name shot into the headlines across the former Yugoslavia in 2019, when an inflammatory Facebook comment of hers went viral. Weighing in on a contentious political issue in Montenegro regarding the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, Nikčević wrote [in reference to a Serbian Orthodox cathedral in the capital] that she would like to “burn down that temple along with everyone in it”.

Predictably, such un-diplomatic language was not received well and she was officially reprimanded and removed from her post as Desk Officer in the Montenegrin embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Previous to that she had served in the same position in the Montenegrin mission to the Vatican (!!) and in Brussels, where she had reportedly been quietly sent home after being arrested purchasing Suboxone.

Nikola and Mirna enjoying the sights of Ankara.

With her name in the headlines, particularly in right-wing Serbian tabloids, she decided to lean into her newfound fame and make a name for herself in the world of Montenegrin nationalist politics. This new “insight role” for her meant founding an NGO called Montenegro International, which officially champions multiculturalism, EU integration and liberal democratic values, but in reality is merely a mouthpiece for Nikčević to parrot the politics of the former ruling DPS party (her former employer) and the longtime strongman of Montenegro Milo Djukanović (who is also a native of her hometown, Nikšić). Maligned by her political opponents and Serbian nationalist trolls, both in Serbia and Montenegro, as a “fascist” and “satanist”, ironically in this case this happens to be quite literally true….

Mirna Nikčević and the Order of Nine Angles

Despite being a public figure, Mirna Nikčević made very little effort to hide her affiliation with the group, although this has changed in recent weeks. Knowing full well that very few people in the region know anything about the O9A and its symbols, she quite openly engaged with and posted O9A material on social media. Our initial attention had been drawn to the fact that she had ‘liked’ a number of posts on the O9A Balkans Facebook page

Here we can see her keeping the lovely company of guys named Cris Tallnacht

It’s difficult to imagine that one would accidentally stumble upon an O9A Facebook page and start Heart reacting to posts.

The next image is even more on the nose.

Here we see her posting some fancy custom made cigarette cases. The caption reads:

“Hey haters, this is called a good combination. Run away and shit yourselves with fear”,

tagged in the photo is the profile of her husband, Nikola. On first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but on the bottom right, we see a box with the O9A symbol called the Sigil of Vindex, Vindex being in O9A lore the cosmic incarnation of Hitler (or someone of his type) whose coming will bring a Nazi ‘Galactic Imperium’.

Nikola’s comment on this photo is emblematic of their attitude:

“Oh my love, nobody will understand this unless they have dedicated 20 years of their lives to studying the esoteric and political history of Europe….but, it’s important that we get it…that we’re a combination :-) The planet doesn’t know what has befallen it, and especially not the Serbs..ha..”

Here’s an image of Hitler with the Vindex sigil from the ABG Lodge website:

And for good measure, here’s a page from an old issue of the O9A journal, Fenrir, instructing how to ‘presence’ Vindex

Now if that wasn’t enough, here you can see a post by Nikola showing Mirna reading an issue of False Prophet, by the even-more-extreme American variant of O9A, Tempel ov Blood (more on this connection below). Note Nikola’s cute pet name for her

And here on her Youtube page we see the lovely juxtaposition of her multiculti NGO with the channel of German O9A musician Noctyr Wyrd, who makes such riveting hits like ‘Agios o Baphomet’

As if all this stuff wasn’t ridiculous enough, Mirna Nikčević is registered as the sole proprietor of an LLC called “Nexion”. As we mentioned above, Nexion is a term used for cells or chapters of the O9A. This information is publicly available on the website of the Central Business Registry of Montenegro.

Nikola Poleksić

“Spawn of the Devil”

Nikola Poleksić is a career Niner. Deeply involved in the movement for over a decade, he has come to play a prominent role in the organization both in his position as an External Adept, but also as a propagandist; editing and contributing to their journal Fenrir. Most recently, he has served as one of the public faces of the group, maintaining their Twitter profile, publishing David Myatt’s interview with activist Nick Lowles and giving an interview himself to journalist Jake Hanrahan.

An obnoxious copycat and braggart, he’s taken the fact that most people in the O9A can’t string a coherent sentence together and ran with it, fancying himself as some sort of modern-day Balkan version of David Myatt. Disturbingly, he seems to actually take the O9A more seriously than most and has been able to achieve some success in his most recent “insight role”.

Unlike his wife Mirna, who has/d an actual career and publicly uses her real name (albeit assuming a fake public identity), Poleksić has operated under a variety of pseudonyms over the years including Nikola Kaljević (there is some indication that this was his legal name at some point), Nikolau Svarogow, Agni Hotram, Ignis STNS, Ogni, Waren S. Gnobe, Dmitar Komnen, Ebu-Bekr Ibn Polexia, and αοζ Τρισάγιον.

We were able to connect Poleksić’s identities mostly through his connection to the music scene in Montenegro and through his wife Mirna. Nikola played bass in several metal bands between 2008–2012 including Fade Out Sequence and Placid Art. Neither of these bands seem to have anything to do with the O9A, but it helped us link him to his O9A project called Dark Imperivm. Dark Imperivm primarily produced O9A related chants and ritual music and was directly linked to the ABG Lodge.

“And, when it comes to the three of us — our primarily focus is not on Music, but on our Esoteric Quest. This is why work on Dark Imperivm project is developing slowly. We are not interested as much in art of music as we are interested in Dark Arts. Music being just one tool we use in our Great Work of Mysterivm Architecture. Music is the means we use to manifest our sinister/dark intents upon material plane. Sound is the instrument for creating the dimensional split through which we pour Tmina* into this world.”

-Interview with Dark Imperivm

Taken from the ABG Lodge’s website
Young Nikola

In a musical sense, he grew up playing in various metal bands, and a couple of alternative, post -rock ones. Some of these bands were successful locally, some even internationally. But, we will not discuss any of those here.

From an old interview with his bandmates from Dark Imperivm published on the now-defunct ABG wordpress blog.

Following some Facebook links from his old bandmates, we were able to find a defunct Facebook profile under the name Waren S. Gnobe, a pseudonym that he still uses to post in the ABG Lodge website.

In this screenshot we can see Nikola’s αοζ Τρισάγιον Facebook account where he reminisces on playing music in the good old days.

Since January of 2021, Nikola opened and administers the O9A Twitter account. As confirmed here in a conversation between some other O9A people.

here he is posting the same thing (and same caption) on the same day, both on the O9A Twitter and on his page
He really likes bringing up the whole 20 years of studying esoterica thing….

Nikola Poleksić and National Socialism

In his interview with journalist Jake Hanrahan, Nikola downplayed the role of National Socialism in the O9A, presenting it as merely a symbolic expression of defiance rather than a commitment to the actual ideology of National Socialism. Anybody who follows the O9A knows that this is not true of course, but let’s see what Nikola has to say about it in his own words.

“The only mistake that I see is that you’re treating me as if I’m imposing something…and probably, like most people, your attitude towards National Socialism is that how you’ve been taught, without the personal and in-depth investigation of that topic. Victors write history…Hitler was what Putin is today, a person who saw the evil in democratic “values”, an evil that you can feel on your skin, in everyday life, for which they demonized him, just as they demonize Putin…quite simply, National Socialism to me still stands as the best foundation for the development of the native European soul, particularly after the evident failures of fascism, communism and democracy. No, NS [National Socialism] and fascism are not the same phenomenon, even if the proponents of certain agendas see it in their interest to equate them. “psychopathology of the ego or everyday life etc., created the unnaturalness of all those social systems. Had National Socialism survived and evolved, it would have made psychology, religion and politics equally redundant….

“Many people will not, despite these words, understand what I do and why I do it. They would rather continue with their stereotypical views of National Socialism and National Socialists and will continue to believe all the lies which were created by the enemies of National Socialism in order to discredit it”

The last part is a quote by David Myatt from one of his National Socialist texts. The lies “created to discredit National Socialism”, is what the O9A typically refers to as the “Magian myth of the Holocaust”. In their idiotic belief system, the Holocaust was invented to discredit what is otherwise a just and honorable ideology in order to enslave the minds of Aryans, and once people dispel this myth, Aryans can attain a higher state of consciousness and usher in the Galactic Imperium.

Here he’s complaining about how Facebook made him take down his pictures of Hitler:

Facebook warned me to take down pictures of Hitler, Himmler’s castle and all other anti-democratic and politically incorrect content from my wall. I continue to ask myself why it isn’t a problem to post a picture of Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, or any other historical monsters…why you can post pictures of serial killers or promote the worst kind of satanism [lol] and degrading ideas-but if you post anything related to National Socialism, they’ll warn you to take it down. Now and forever — there is not a greater heresy in this Zionist civilization than National Socialism? Whoever wants to know the answer to this question, why this is so, will begin to uncover a great truth.

His translation of David Myatt’s ‘Why I am a National Socialist’
This is a totally normal thing for someone who isn’t a Nazi to post, right?
Another totally normal thing
Posing with a book by Nazi esotericist Savitri Devi

Nikola Poleksić’s infiltration of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church

Perhaps the most ridiculous and remarkably successful “insight roles” in O9A history has been Nikola’s infiltration of the MOC, where he currently holds the title of Deacon.

The Montenegrin Orthodox Church is a small religious organization that is not recognized by any of the world’s mainstream Orthodox churches. Nevertheless, the MOC enjoyed the favor of the former government and certain political parties and can be understood as being the religious wing of the growing Montenegrin nationalist movement.

We know from his interview that the ABG Lodge’s religious philosophy is supposedly now guided by the Gnostic Church of Christ-Lucifer, a kind of synthesis of O9A and “Christianity”. Indeed, the pdf of the church’s principles are posted on the drive using one of Nikola’s pseudonyms, and the document itself is awash with symbols found on the ABG website. Needless to say, none of this probably jives with the theology of the MOC.

However, it seems that at the same time that he was founding this “church” (and let’s be real, this is not a thing that exists beyond the internet), Nikola was entering into the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.

The speed at which he was able to climb the ladder shows how seriously the Holy Synod of the MOC takes the training of their clergy.

By Easter 2021 (May 2nd), Nikola was already taking part in the Holy Liturgy as a Subdeacon, alongside the head of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Archbishop Mihailo of Cetinje.

In this photo, taken from the official website of the Nikšić-Ostrog diocese, we can see Nazi Satanist Nikola Poleksić giving easter eggs to Archbishop Mihailo and Bishop Bojan Bojović

Archbishop Mihailo (2nd from the left) with Nazi Satanist Nikola Poleksić

By 20 June 2021, Nikola was upgraded to full deacon at the rectory of Bishop Bojović in Nikšić, an event covered by some news media in Montenegro. A process that in many Orthodox churches can take up to several years, was done in mere months. In keeping with the fast pace of advancement in the MOC, Mirna Nikčević was baptized on 25 May 2021. Finally, a day before his Deacon ceremony, Mirna Nikčević and Nikola Poleksić were married in the church of St. Ivan Crnojević in Cetinje in a ceremony presided over by Bishop Bojan Bojović. It seems like the MOC had decided that the two had been living in sin for long enough….

A match made in ‘heaven’
A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

The entrance of Mirna and Nikola into politics and the church has provided them access to a much broader section of the general public than ever before. Finally growing more aware that they probably shouldn’t flaunt their O9A affiliation too openly, they have quietly started to delete pictures, unlike pages and, as of a few days ago, Nikola closed his αοζ Τρισάγιον account and opened a church friendly one in his own name. It should also be noted that first three Greek letters -AoZ- in that name are also a letter combination favored by his Lodge

This image is also on the cover of his issue of Fenrir

Nikola has run at least a dozen social media pages for his various occult projects (such as O9A Balkans, several Gnostic pages, a “transgressive” Hinduism page, etc.) without having very many followers. His new foray into being a moderator of a MOC church group with 4,000 unsuspecting followers is a big step up. Mirna’s fiery rhetoric has also been embraced by the MOC, with her now participating in church-sponsored talks on Montenegrin national identity. Nikola still can’t help but subtly insert his own agenda, by reworking images from his O9A-Christian synthesis church into the MOC.

MOC on the left, Gnostic Church of Christ-Lucifer on the right
MOC-sponsored discussion in the Parliament of Cetinje, featuring Mirna Nikčević.

Mirna and Nikola have taken advantage of a volatile political situation to advance themselves within these circles for their own ends. The conditions in Montenegro currently make it possible for them to do things that are unimaginable to most of their O9A colleagues in the West.

To be clear, they don’t believe in any of the things that they publicly espouse; Montenegrin nationalism, the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, democracy, etc. These things are all “Magian abstractions” and they see themselves as above all of that, but willing to manipulate it for their own purposes. They’re governed by their own ideas of “esoteric racism” and “Aryanism” that they think most people are too stupid to understand. We get it, guys. It’s just ridiculous.

For example, in the recent interview with Jake Hanrahan, Nikola stated that he is also a kind of Christian (which he doesn’t see as incompatible with his Satanism). And when Jake then replied with “So doesn’t that make you a Magian?”, Nikola was ready to respond. He stated that he is in fact not a Magian because he is not a member of a mainstream Church, but of his own Gnostic Church of Christ-Lucifer, which in his own words offers an ONA interpretation of Christianity. Nikola also added that his Church’s theology is influenced by the Nazi Occultist Savitri Devi. In this we can see that Nikola Poleksić is not an honest member of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, and that his function there is a Satanic “Insight Role” for him.

Therefore, the mission of the Clan (AoZ) is to ennoble certain individuals with qualities that would eventually change them into ultimate tools of collective alchemical transformation. One way to achieve this goal is the Lodge itself. What is meant by this is way too complex to be described here in detail, and it wouldn’t really be tactical to reveal such things to someone who is not member of the Clan.

(Isn’t it a shame they won’t reveal their secrets with us Homo hubris?)

Poleksić’s and ABG Lodge’s connection with the Tempel ov Blood

In April of this year journalist Jake Hanrahan published an audio recording of an interview he did with a “legitimate starred-up adherent of the Order of Nine Angles, a Satanic occultist movement that is influencing neo-Nazi terror groups across the world.”

As we wrote, the person who was interviewed by Jake was Nikola Poleksić of the ONA “nexion” called ABG Lodge and based in Montenegro.

In the interview, in which Nikola was quite a boring interviewee and an obvious David Myatt/Anton Long sycophant, he confirmed that he holds the rank of an “external adept” in the ONA hierarchy

External Adept is one of the seven stages a person dedicated to the ONA’s “Sevenfold Way” can reach. To obtain the rank a dedicated adherent of ONA, according to the rules of the Order, needs to perform a set of tasks such as Organize a Satanic Temple; Train for and undertake a set of difficult physical tasks; Study, construct and play the Star Game and so on. But on the list of tasks in fifth place is something referred to as “undertaking a secret task”. Reading the ONA manuals will tell you that the secret task that a future external adept needs to perform is, “train several members, and yourself, in the undertaking of the tests relevant to choosing an opfer. Select some suitable candidates for the post of opfer, using sinister guidelines for so selecting an opfer, and undertake the relevant tests on each chosen candidate. The opfer or opfers having been so chosen by failing such tests, perform The Death Ritual using the chosen opfer(s) in the central role. Thereafter, and having completed all the necessary preparations, select a further opfer using Aeonics or sinister strategy as a guide, and undertake The Ceremony of Recalling”

Reading the ONA text such as The Grimoire of Baphomet we can find an explanation of the Death Ritual and The Ceremony of Recalling. They consist of sacrificial killings of carefully chosen victims (opfers). For example, we can find this detail in the explanation of the Ceremony of Recalling, “After the ritual sacrifice, the Guardian takes the opfer shell and buries it in a secluded spot prepared beforehand. It is on this place of burial that the Temple gathers on the night of the new moon to eat the sacrificial cakes.”

So, it is very clear that according to the rules of the ONA, Nikola Poleksić needed to kill a person to achieve the rank of an “external adept”.

Around the time of the publication of the interview with Jake Hanrahan, Nikola also became aware of our podcast. And he was not amused. Poleksić is a person who runs the official ONA Twitter account and this is what he had to say about us:

We can see here Nikola Poleksić calling us “self-tested opfers”, which is a very clear way, if masked in ONA jargon, to say that Nikola thinks that we are well suited to be killed by the ONA. And this comes from a person who, according to the rules of ONA, must have already participated in a murder (if what he says about his rank in the ONA is true).

In the interview with Jake Hanrahan, Nikola also talks about his own and his group’s relationship with the infamous and openly pro-pedophile, pro-child murder ONA nexion called the Tempel ov Blood. Nikola claims that he wasn’t in touch with the leader of ToB, Joshua Sutter (who is also one of the leaders of the terrorist group Atomwaffen Division), in years. He also quite ridiculously claims that the ToB is the more extreme side of ONA, and how nexions such as his ABG Lodge, WSA (Chloe Ortega’s group), and Tempel of THEM, represent a more “progressive” side of ONA (a progressive wing of pro-pedophilia neo-Nazi Satanism?!).

But, in the text called “Fenrir, generation three”, published on the official ONA website (in March of this year) Chloe Ortega writes:

“It was around the years of 2009–2010ish, that I had asked the Old Guard DarkLogos, if we could have Fenrir and bring it back for our Generation of ONA Associates. (…)

(…) Gradually, Tempel ov Blood and the infamous Jall, and a couple other Nexions such as ABG Lodge & Niners joined that Fenrir Team, and together, they produced about 9 issues of Fenrir; the last issue of that second Fenrir iteration having been produced by ABG Lodge. (…)”

We will soon go into some of the contents of issues of Fenrir that ToB and ABG produced together, but let us just first say that this text was published as a way to announce the new generation of Fenrir being published soon. Actually, the call for papers had the deadline set for the 6th of June of 2021. And this is what Chloe writes about new issues of Fenrir that are currently being prepared:

“And so, I am happy and proud to say that the old second iteration of Fenrir Team, minus Saturnyan, is back behind this iteration of Fenrir, for Generation Three of the Sinister Current. And so, I’ll name a few nyms and Nexions who will be behind this iteration of Fenrir.

The main Editor is Albert Nythra, who hails from France. (..) And so Albert Nythra has been around ONA for over a decade. During that time, he forged connections and fellowships with other ONA Associates and Nexions, making himself a ‘nexus’, or liaison, or node of many Associates and Nexions around the world.

One of those Nexions Albert is in fellowship with is the Tempel ov Blood & Jall, who will be behind this iteration of Fenrir as well. Albert also has connections with Nexions such as Drakon Covenant [mother Nexion of the infamous Mr. Ryan Fleming], Sentiessence / ATRA Albion, ABG Lodge, and a whole host of other Nexions from Europe”

So, we can clearly see how the new editions of Fenrir will be edited by the old team that includes both ToB and ABG, under the leadership of an editor who is not only in close contact with both ONA nexions but also with Ryan Fleming, a convicted pedophile, and neo-Nazi from Britain, who was already sentenced three times and arrested for the abuse of children. Nikola Poleksić is keeping great company indeed. But one completely in tune with the values of ONA of which he is one of the leaders.

Now let’s take a brief look at some of the disgusting issues of Fenrir that according to Chloe Ortega, ToB and ABG edited together.

One of the worst things ever published by the ONA is Issue 4 of Fenrir from Year of Fayen 124 (for non-Hitler worshiping people this is 2013). The introduction to the journal, as well as most texts in it, is written by Jall of ToB (this is either Joshua Sutter or Jillian Hoy, or both of them).

This issue contains a text called “Forbidden Love”, which describes incestuous sex between two pre-pubescent sisters and their father.

The next text in the issue is written by Anton Long/David Myatt himself and in the first sentence he gets right to the point, in a very clear way: “Contrary to a current and growing misconception, the Sinister Way (and Sinister Magick) involves practical acts of darkness, of heresy, of chaos — involving such things as human sacrifice.”

This issue also includes a reprint of a “classic” ONA pedophile text called “The Girl Goddess” which starts by describing a teacher’s sexual interest in a 12-year-old girl and later proceeds to describe this same teacher’s sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

This issue ends with an excerpt from the disgusting book Iron Gates written by the Tempel ov Blood. This book was required reading for all Atomwaffen Division members and it promotes child murder and rape, among other things.

The next issue of Fenrir was published in 2014, and this time Nikola Poleksić and his ABG lodge were the main editors (Issue 1, YF). At the beginning of the issue, there is a note that the issue was sanctioned by Jall of ToB, who at the time served as the “Outer Representative of ONA.”

This issue was mostly dedicated to various Slavic nexions of ONA but it again ends with an excerpt from the ToB book Iron Gates. This time Nikola and Jall decided to include a part of it that starts with the description of a sadistic murder of a baby in front of her mother and includes depictions of cannibalism, rape, and torture.

Well, as Jall wrote in the introduction for the previous issue of Fenrir:

For make no mistake, “Satanism is dark, and Satanists revel in evil” — furthermore, “Genuine Satanists do evil, they cultivate evil: they are evil, in the sense of the term now accepted.


When we started TENE we never imagined we would write a text like this one. However, as we continued to look into it, the absolute absurdity of this situation became more and more apparent.

It’s important to remember that all ONA figures, starting with David Myatt, and other “old guards”, and moving to the younger ones such as Nikola Poleksić, are all pathological liars. Not only that, they are often incredibly ridiculous figures. But we should also not forget that their actions directly led to violence and death, from the 1999 nail-bombs of David Copeland to the more recent killings committed by the members of Atomwaffen.

We expect many ridiculous lies coming from them as a response to this text.

However ridiculous they can be, we should never forget that these people are very dangerous. After all, they are neo-Nazis, who see most people as worthless, and see themselves as evil, and are very much into manipulation and deception. A part of their agenda is the deliberate breaking of taboos, such as murder, rape, and even abuse of children.

On the other hand, TENE was thus far also dedicated to the critique of various nationalist movements. In regards to this we can say that even though Nikola Poleksić and Mirna Nikčević are not sincere members of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, we don’t want to let nationalist organizations such as MOC off the hook. Also, even though our reporting will be used by the equally nationalist Serbian Orthodox Church to attack MOC, we want to emphasize that no national church organization in the Balkans can claim that they are not instruments of nationalist ideology. For example, the Catholic Church of Croatia, even though in theory it should be more “universal” than its Orthodox counterparts, is completely dominated by nationalist ideology (with pro-Ustaša elements in it).

Likewise, both MOC and SOC in Montenegro are nationalist organizations that we are very much against. In this case, it seems MOC was even so stupid and open to nationalists that it allowed a leader of a Nazi-Satanist group to become one of its priests. But all churches in the Balkans often seem like they are run by men with similar ethics to Nazi-Satanists (when it comes to supporting ethnic cleansing for example), and have no reason to gloat in this case. We’re also not interested in promoting a ‘satanic panic’ mindset.

Black magick vs. White magic

But we digress.

The proletarians of Montenegro have a proud antifascist history and have dealt with much bigger and more dangerous enemies than these freaks.

Death to Fascism — Freedom to the People


After publishing this text we recorded a podcast episode about the same subject, and we are now adding the link for it:

32: O9A in the Montenegrin Church and State — the Honeymoon’s Over



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