Nazi Satanist Order of Nine Angles is infiltrating the State and Church in Montenegro

Who are Nikola Poleksić and Mirna Nikčević?

Order of Nine Angles members Mirna Nikčević and Nikola Poleksić in their insight roles as civil society activist and Orthodox deacon

The Order of Nine Angles and the Tempel ov Blood

The Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A) is a neo-Nazi ‘Satanist’ cult that celebrates murder, rape, pedophilia, and Aryan nationalism. While various individuals and collectives, called ‘nexions’, are more or less open about some or all of these predilections, they are all united by the writings of David Myatt, who is the primary author behind the nom de plume, Anton Long, founder of the ONA. The ONA is perhaps most well-known for its encouragement of ‘culling’, the sacrifice of people they see as undesirable (who are called ‘opfers’ by ONA), in order to advance through its system of guild-like stages of ascension beginning with “neophyte” and ending in “immortal”. While the majority of their presence remains online, infesting message boards and private chat groups, the ONA has integrated itself into terrorist neo-nazi groups such as Atomwaffen and the Base and inspired multiple murders and cases of sexual abuse, including of minors.

Portrait of David Myatt by his old pal Richard Moult

Insight Roles

The practice of assuming “Insight roles” is of central importance in the initiatory system of the ONA. This practice consists of ONA initiates working undercover in different groups, which are normally foreign to their own beliefs, for a period of not less than 6 months. This is seen as both a way to personally grow, and develop one’s manipulative skills, but also as a way to undermine the “Magian-Nazarene socio-political system of the West and thus help to bring about the instability from which a new order, the Imperium, can emerge.”

an issue edited by Poleksić

ABG Lodge — Nexion of ONA

Who are Nikola Poleksić and Mirna Nikčević, the power couple of the O9A?

Nikola and Mirna enjoying the sights of Ankara.

Mirna Nikčević and the Order of Nine Angles

Despite being a public figure, Mirna Nikčević made very little effort to hide her affiliation with the group, although this has changed in recent weeks. Knowing full well that very few people in the region know anything about the O9A and its symbols, she quite openly engaged with and posted O9A material on social media. Our initial attention had been drawn to the fact that she had ‘liked’ a number of posts on the O9A Balkans Facebook page

Here we can see her keeping the lovely company of guys named Cris Tallnacht

Nikola Poleksić

“Spawn of the Devil”
Taken from the ABG Lodge’s website
Young Nikola
here he is posting the same thing (and same caption) on the same day, both on the O9A Twitter and on his page
He really likes bringing up the whole 20 years of studying esoterica thing….

Nikola Poleksić and National Socialism

In his interview with journalist Jake Hanrahan, Nikola downplayed the role of National Socialism in the O9A, presenting it as merely a symbolic expression of defiance rather than a commitment to the actual ideology of National Socialism. Anybody who follows the O9A knows that this is not true of course, but let’s see what Nikola has to say about it in his own words.

His translation of David Myatt’s ‘Why I am a National Socialist’
This is a totally normal thing for someone who isn’t a Nazi to post, right?
Another totally normal thing
Posing with a book by Nazi esotericist Savitri Devi

Nikola Poleksić’s infiltration of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church

Perhaps the most ridiculous and remarkably successful “insight roles” in O9A history has been Nikola’s infiltration of the MOC, where he currently holds the title of Deacon.

A match made in ‘heaven’
A wolf in sheep’s clothing?
This image is also on the cover of his issue of Fenrir
MOC on the left, Gnostic Church of Christ-Lucifer on the right
MOC-sponsored discussion in the Parliament of Cetinje, featuring Mirna Nikčević.

Poleksić’s and ABG Lodge’s connection with the Tempel ov Blood


When we started TENE we never imagined we would write a text like this one. However, as we continued to look into it, the absolute absurdity of this situation became more and more apparent.

Black magick vs. White magic

Antifascist Amerikanski-Balkan podcast about (neo) fascist terror, the (deep) state and the alienation, nihilism and desperation produced by capitalism.

Antifascist Amerikanski-Balkan podcast about (neo) fascist terror, the (deep) state and the alienation, nihilism and desperation produced by capitalism.